Care instructions for Warwick fabric Melbourne

December 17, 2013 Lux soap flakes

Caring for your fabric

Warwick fabric is an investment designed to last with superior quality, colour fastness and durability. However, we know home furnishings are subject to wear and tear, food and drink spills, dirt and dust build up.

Warwick is our preferred supplier. so we consulted the Warwick fabric Care & Advice Cleaning Guide for information about caring for your fabric. Today we will look at how to approach oil and non-oil based stains. The following instructions are a guide only and do not guarantee removal of stains.

Non oil-based stains

Use warm water with gentle soaps that DO NOT contain optical brighteners – Lux Soap Flakes are a brilliant option (tip: Lux Soap Flakes are also great for sensitive skins and washing delicates!). Mix a small amount of soap and water to create a solution and GENTLY apply and rub onto stain. Blot dry, apply cool water and blot dry again. Use a hairdryer to quickly dry from the centre of the stain outwards to avoid water ring marks forming.

Oil-based stains

Use the same guidelines as above but instead of gentle soap use a  proprietary brand solvent based cleaner. It is best to clean entire panels rather than spot treating oil-based stains. An industry ‘tip’ to remove oil-based Biro marks is by the application of a conventional supermarket hairspray. For severe stains it is recommended to consult a professional upholstery cleaning company.

We want you to enjoy a lifetime of beautiful, luxury fabrics in your home and caring for them properly will ensure they stay looking fresh and new. Care information from the Warwick website: Care & Advice Cleaning Guide.

Individual cleaning guides for other fabric brands may vary. Please contact us if you have a care question regarding your Warwick fabric.