Save power and money this winter

February 27, 2014 Curtains

Windows are a huge source of heat loss in your home. Heat loss means your power-hungry heating appliances work much harder than they need to!

Window coverings drastically reduce heat loss, create a warm and toasty environment and save on power bills!

In Victoria, heating costs account for around 1/3 of a household’s energy bill.  The right window coverings can reduce your power bills by $60 or more and cut carbon pollution by 200 kg each year.

Tips to stay warm & save money:

  • Close curtains, blinds or shutters at night and on cold, cloudy days
  • Cover windows with heavy, close-fitting, floor-length curtains
  • Tightly fitting Holland or Roman blinds made from closely woven fabrics are also effective in trapping heat
  • Install Pelmets.  Drapes with Pelmets can reduce heat loss by up to 37%!

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