Using Art as inspiration when selecting Upholstery Fabric

June 11, 2014

People often visit our Camberwell Fabric Store searching for inspiration for recovering their sofa, a feature chair or even a bedhead.  They may begin by looking over our table stock and then move on to our extensive fabric sample library.

Many find the perfect fabric – but others just become confused by all the beautiful fabrics on offer.

The trick is to start with a jump off point.  Something that will drive your choice, limit the options and provide inspiration. This could be a certain colour, a specific texture, a cushion you love… but have you ever considered using your favourite artwork for inspiration?

Here are just a few examples where a piece of art has driven the décor with stunning results. You don’t need to redo your whole room, even a corner or hallway can benefit from an inspired fabric choice.

Maybe it’s time to have another look at your favourite artwork with fresh eyes?

fabric with art 3 fabric with art  match art and fabric fabric with art 2