Custom Made Blinds & Curtains for Boys’ Bedrooms

August 13, 2014 boys bedrooms

Selecting fabrics for boys’ bedrooms is a challenge.  Should you choose something they will enjoy now or something that will last until they are older?  Are blinds or curtains more suitable?  What colour?  Where do you start?

Here are a few ideas and tips:
  • Consider darker coloured fabrics if the walls are white.  This results in a timeless look and assists in keeping the bedroom dark for a good night’s sleep.
  • Plantation shutters are a strong choice for boy spaces.  They are robust, great at managing light and can be painted any colour you choose.  Dark grey and black are perhaps unexpected, but look fantastic.
  • If the walls are painted in a colour or feature a pattern, usually plain light coloured fabrics are best for windows.  It keeps the focus on the walls and won’t add visual clutter.
  • If you discover a fabric you really love but are unsure about whether it would suit a window, consider an upholstered bedhead, custom made quilt cover or cushion.  These things are cheaper and easy to change.  Check out this easy to make  upholstered bedhead.


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