Winter is coming…. 5 ways to get your home ready now!

February 9, 2017

It might be the middle of February, but with the temperature the last few days well surpassing 30 degrees, autumn seems pretty far away. For some of us, the kids have gone back to school and we can enjoy our morning coffee in silence 😛 But for most of us, February and March is the calm before the winter storm. Autumn creeps in while everyone is settling back into the post summer work and school routine. That means digging out the winter clothes, mentally preparing for the expensive heating bills to come, and spending more time rugged up on the couch with some Netflix and coffee (or wine).

Now’s the time to get everything winter ready- including your home! Before we know it, we’ll be spending heaps of time inside – so we’ve collected 5 ideas, tips, and tricks on how to get an early start on the perfect winter snuggle cave!

PS-  we love the term “winter snuggle cave” 😛

1. Update your couch and bed accessories

We spent the last few months sweating and kicking off the doona at night. But everyone agrees there is nothing more comfy than a cool room, with fuzzy blankets and cushions. For winter, soft textures are the way to go. The retro fuzzy wool look has made a comeback.



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2.  New curtains!

You might be thinking getting new curtains isn’t a quick and affordable solution. But it is. Heres why: According to the Victorian Government website on sustainability, savings of up to 40%  off of heating bills can be achieved with heavy, lined curtains and pelmets.To reduce winter heat loss, it is necessary to trap a layer of insulating still air between the window and the room.  Now, why wouldn’t you jump on the chance to invest on afforable curtains and save for years down the line? Our curtains from NEXT are all custom made and come with a warrantee. Call us and we will come measure and quote for free!


3. Think about bench seat cushions

If you’ve got a built-in window seats anywhere in your house, a cushion to go on top is a necessity. In the winter, being able to lounge and look out the window from the warmth inside is lovely. But if you don’t have a built in window seat – do you have a storage chest? pop a cushion on top and it doubles as a seat.


4. Update your lampshades

Lampshades tend to be boring and plain. Plus, winter means daylight savings time and more time in darkness, so we’ll have to settle for a house full of artificial light. But that’s okay, because lampshades are one of the easiest, most affordable room pick me ups for winter. Why not switch boring beige for a pastel blue, or a very trendy silvery grey? It doesn’t mean you need to go and buy new lamps- re-covering a lampshade is easier than you think! The inside of a lampshade has a wire skeleton. To recover it, you can carefully adhere a light weight fabric to the existing shade. Keep an eye out for a DIY tutorial in the next few weeks if you’re keen on giving it a go. If not, come into our shop, pick out a fabric, and we’ll do it for you!

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5. Give your old furniture a new life

Could your well loved couch, chair or ottoman use a new lease on life? Has it been beaten to death by kids, animals, and accidental spills but you love it too much to get a new one?! We can fix that! Now is the best time to consider reupholstering. Especially for heirloom pieces, reupholstering can restore it back to its original era, with Warwick fabrics still producing some historical fabrics. Or, choose a new fabric style and your furniture will be more than ready for cuddles and movies come winter! Come into Next or give us a call to discuss your upholstery project!

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