Awnings 101; awnings made local in camberwell

March 3, 2017

Awnings and outdoor shades have a surprising history dating back to the early 18th century. Awnings were first used by shop keepers to keep their fruits and veggies from rotting in the hot sun, and eventually the concept of a fabric shade made its way into our home-life in the 19th century. Do you know what this means….?

That awnings never go out of style!

Now a days there is so many more options than the typical striped canvas awnings. There is several different shapes, sizes, fabric types and patterns, and you can even have them motorised or controlled through an app! Luckily here at Next, we make everything custom exactly to your specs, so your options are really limitless.

1. First, lets talk shape. Awnings can be made a several different styles and shapes.  Though, most of our customers are usually after awnings that are retractable or folding, or motorised. These are great choices if you want to have options in your outdoor space; if you want to enjoy the sun, by all means do, but if you need the shade, its just as easy to roll down the awning…. or just press a button on your awning remote!

2. Fabric. If your awning is in the sun and exposed to the elements, the fabric must be high quality. There are several brands we carry that specifically make fabrics just for awnings, such as Sunbrella and Brella fabrics. Many of these fabrics are water resistant, rot resistant, and have UV blockout properties.

They also come in a huge range of colours and designs. The classic stripe is available in several colours, and plenty of solid colours too. We have plenty of samples in our showroom, so come have a look and feel and see what colours and pattern would work best for you.

3. Third, “the look”. Many people have a specific idea in their head about how they want their awning to look. Now that you’ve thought about fabric and shape, have a look at what other people have done with awnings to make their outdoor spaces stunning.



Now, come visit our showroom in Camberwell, Vic