March Sale!! Fabrics on sale in Camberwell

March 16, 2017

Hi Friends of Next!

Our March sale is nearly over! Only 4 more shopping days left!

Now is the best time to stock up on fabrics for your next project. Come visit our shop in Camberwell before March 22 !

During our sale we have fabrics that start at just $4 PER METER !!!  Imagine what you could DIY with fabric so cheap?!

If you need a little help thinking of a crafty fabric project, here are some of our favourite DIYs!

1. Framed Fabric!  

Our fabrics come in a huge range of textures and prints, and they look stunning framed and hung as decor. Framed fabrics make gorgeous (and affordable) artwork that you could even match with cushions, upholstery or curtains for a cohesive “look”.

click here for a tutorial 

2. Fabric covered keepsake boxes

This project is one of our favourites because it can be great for kids, too. You could let your little one choose the fabric and help make the box, and then your child has a personal little place to keep their special bits-and-bobs. The same goes for us adults! These boxes even make a gorgeous method of wrapping gifts.

click here for a tutorial 

3. Pencil rolls

Here’s another one for the kids. The pencil roll craft is one of our favs for little bits of leftover fabric. We once had a little boy, he was maybe 6, come into Next one day to buy some fabric. The little boy loved to sew and would make heaps of these pencil rolls, and would sell them at local craft fairs! We love seeing people of all ages enjoying fabric and sewing! Anyways, i can think of a bunch of our Sale fabrics that would be perfect for the pencil rolls.

click here for a tutorial

4. Super simple blockout curtains

Making curtains can be a bit intimidating. The tutorial below does a good job at explaining the basics, and it uses a very simple curtain heading. The most important thing is to know your measurements exactly. Being off by just a few cm’s can make a huge difference in the look. If you’re after a different style of heading, don’t be scared because we have several solutions at Next for our DIYers. If you’re uneasy about the making process, just pop by the shop, we can help you with your measurements, choose the perfect fabric, make sure you get the right meterage, and help pick out some easy heading styles.

click here for  tutorial