upholstery service in camberwell

May 19, 2017

Hi Everyone!

This year has seen lots of interest in upholstery (which is awesome!). We LOVE when our customers keep vintage and heirloom furniture alive and fresh with re-upholstery.Upholstery with Next is super easy!  Email us some images of your furniture and we will provide a detailed quote with meterage of fabric required. All you really need to do is choose your fabric.

If you’re considering an upholstery project, we highly suggest coming into our shop/showroom to have a look at fabric options. Knowing the “look” you’re going for will make the process much smoother and quicker. Lately, we’ve done a lot of projects with cool velvet’s, classic neutral linens, and light patterns like herringbone.

 We thought we’d put together a few snaps of some of the best before and after upholstery projects ….and as you can see, the results always wow! Get some inspiration below!

And Lastly…

Give us a call or email info@nextfurnishings.com.au for any upholstery questions. We are here to help!